Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I created a journal and found some neat features.  First, it is set up like a normal notebook with lines and room for a title.  While you write, Penzu keeps you informed on how many words you have written, when it was last saved, and the date you started the entry.

I can keep the journal completely private or create a public link.  I created a public link which you can view here.

Penzu could be a fun way for teachers to get there students writing in a journal.  There are fun ways to make it personal (like adding photos) and easy ways to share with friends.  An example of a way to use it in the classroom is to have students write 10 journal entries over the course of a marking period.  At the end of the marking period, students have to choose 2 entries to share with the teacher.  Students could also collaborate with students from other classes who share similar interests, concerns, views, etc.

Click here for a review of Penzu.

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