Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have had a great time working with AudioBoo this past week.  As I mentioned in my first blog about AudioBoo, it is great to be able to easily share the audio file you create.

First, I downloaded the free application to my iPhone.  I used the app to create a quick recording of me playing the trumpet (you should be warned, I've never been professionally trained on trumpet).  AudioBoo also allows users to add a photo with the recording.  This is a nice way to personalize the experience.  I took a photo of the trumpet I used to make the recording.  Once I had the recording, I was given options on what to do with the file, such as share on Facebook, Twitter, or send in an email.  I sent it to myself in an email.

I clicked on the title which took me to the AudioBoo site where my recording was stored.
Here you can see the picture I took, the title I gave the song, and a clearly marked 'play' button to hear the recording.

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