Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I showed the screen shot of my recording in my last blog post, but I believe the file is completely public. Here is the link so you can see it for yourself.

AudioBoo File

I am really excited about AudioBoo.  It is the first tool I have found that allows you to share audio recording with this much ease.  This is a feature that Audacity does not have.

For educational purposes, I think AudioBoo could be a great tool.  I love the idea of having students make recordings of themselves practicing and being able to share the recording with other students and teachers.  For telecollaborative projects, I think AudioBoo would be a great way for learners to share pieces of music, practice sessions, performances, etc.  When I was working on a piece of music for my undergrad senior recital, there were probably only a few dozen students working on that piece in the country.  It would have been great to make recordings of the progress I have made and share it with other students working on the same piece.  AudioBoo recordings could also work in non-music classrooms for lectures, out of class responses, audio journals, etc.

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