Sunday, June 24, 2012


As a band teacher, I am interested in easy ways to record audio files.  I have used tools such as Audacity and VoiceThread in the past, and now am learning about AudioBoo.  Here is an informative video about AudioBoo.

AudioBoo video

What interests me most about AudioBoo are the options the user can have once they have created a recording.  Audacity is easy to use and free, however all you are left with is an audio recording.  AudioBoo seems to be more interested in creating easy ways to share the file and personalizing the audio by adding pictures and tagging locations.

In my next blog about AudioBoo, I will create a recording with AudioBoo and walk you through some of the features and benefits of this tool.

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  1. Tom, how would you want to use this with instrumental music? I thought that recording recitals and having students evaluate the music and performance may be a useful way to use it.